Leadership As The Radio / Cic Supervisor Provided Me With One Particular Leadership Influence

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1. Leadership is not over at the end of the day when you sign off of your computer and head home. Taking care of our shipmates is a 24x7 responsibility that occurs at all hours, day and night, whether in person, phone calls, emails and text messages. The heart of leadership focuses on different levels of personal and professional wellbeing. Critical action at the right time to take care of our personnel so they can focus on the mission they are in place to execute. Leaders have differing views of what leadership is to them, however my personal definition is: “Capability to lead junior personnel, peers and seniors towards a common goal, whether it is a personal achievement, unit or Coast Guard objective while propelling individuals to…show more content…
As a firm leader, he further showed us it was essential to have a little fun. He showed us the significance of learning how to be the best that we can be but he was always close by if he needed to step in and illustrate corrective action or tell us we were messing up and to make course corrections for a given task. He was there to tell us when we excelled and did an outstanding job. TC1’s actions through word and deed displayed superior leadership traits he exhibited and ones that we aspired to attain.
3. One Leadership Behavior mentioned was that I need to assert myself more, make decisions and live with the consequences or have the take charge demeanor. This is definitely a perception issue on one hand, but may manifest itself when I’m dealing with a subject matter that I do not feel completely confident with providing my recommendation. The lack of subject matter expert knowledge is definitely something that impedes my own confidence when looking at making a decision, coming up with a course of action or providing my input to others. What I can deduce from this observation on my leadership ability relates specifically to issues such as working with FORCECOM on training issues, initial lack of knowledge on how to build out competencies and submitting those up through the Chain of Command, the various intricacies of working in higher level joint command environment. Yes there is a learning curve when you assume certain leadership positions, however I
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