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The Leadership Style of Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer-Head Coach Ohio State Football
Urban Meyer is the head coach for The Ohio State Buckeyes football team. He is 49 years old and was born in Toledo Ohio. He attended University of Cincinnati where he played football. Coach Meyer is married and has three children. Prior to coaching Ohio State he retired from coaching was working as a sports analyst for ESPN. Before retiring and working for ESPN, Coach Meyer was the head coach for the University of Florida. He led the Gators to two BCS championship wins and he held the highest percentages of wins for any active college football coach. (
Tubbs, (2012) defines leadership as, “influencing others to accomplish …show more content…

(Martin, 2013).
Many of the motivational methods that Coach Meyer’s uses can be easily adapted to any small group setting. He wants his players to not only be accountable to the coaches, but to each other, so he created a leadership committee that consists of team players representing each grade level. Coach Meyer says, "We are looking for the Leadership Committee to enhance team chemistry, police the team from within and exemplify what it means to be leaders, both on and off the field." ( The Championship club is designed to reward players for academics, success on the field, with conditioning and training, and in their personal lives. Coach Meyers likes to recognize and reward achievements. Part of being an effective leader is building relationships. Coach Meyers and his coaching staff do everything they can to know as much about each player as possible. He hopes that by building relationships on and off the field will encourage the players to do their best and they will not want to let you down on the field and off the field, (
“A good leader, with good ideas and exciting directions, can generate enthusiasm, support, and cohesion,” Tubbs, (2012, p. 225). Coach Meyers is a good example of this because when he started with Ohio State in 2011 the team was not eligible for any BCS bowl games because of the actions of the previous coach and several players. Coach Meyers had to keep

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