A Leadership Style Analysis

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A leader is assumed to be an individual who is always involved in the right activities at the right time to ensure everybody in their circle are benefiting. Leaders must maintain confidential appearances to accomplish obligatory aims. A leader must be professionally responsible and self-restraint as everyone will follow you. When someone follows the leadership line, he/she will possess weaknesses and strengths. The writer will talk regarding the weaknesses and strengths that she own as a leader in individual and professional accountability, career planning, personal journey, personal journey discipline, and reflective practice reference behaviors.
Individual and professional accountability A leader must often exhibit features like personal …show more content…

For instance, the writer has been finding tough to keep routine yearly assessment. She has been in the healthcare for extended period, nonetheless has ever grasped the specialization. Being professional, she had insufficient instances of proficient growth.
Career planning
In the line of career, the writer is thriving to reach the specialization point. She has been involved to up-to-date drifts to envisage future outcomes. At that point, she has few flaws where she will have some tasks to choose the precise route of specialty. In future there is going to many extreme changes in the healthcare area (Waddell et al. 2015). Forecast is a pronounced encounter and she has a substantial flaw in upcoming forecast. It is problematic to discover certain specialty as it could be in the wrong direction. It is a big challenge to position herself in the future.
Personal journey discipline The writer has a pronounced admiration for position in terms of interaction. Being in leadership, the writer always provides an opinion what she is doing. In the leadership category, she agree to her colleagues so her voice must be reflected. Group management has been part of her participation. The writer constantly hold the required position in her decision in regards to the team (Waddell et al. …show more content…

As a leader, she prefers honesty in all the activities. It is difficult to finding analogous environment at work. Hence, it is essential to be flexible at work. There will always be uncertainty to adjust to the fluctuating situations. She has been in the detection of possibilities and will always lead with the potentials as she always enthusiastic to learn new things in every day. To writer development has been a momentous step which she always deliberate to reach. Cultivating scholarly growth has been in her career plans. The writer has the weaknesses to find the capacities which rest of her group hold. Prioritizing activities has always been an

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