Leadership Theory And Implementation Of The Doctorate Of Nursing Practice Project

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Leadership Theory in Practice and Implementation of the Doctorate of Nursing Practice Project As the health care environment in our country continues to change at a rapid pace, the need for properly prepared leaders in all health care environments will grow. The Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) prepared nurse will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to rise to the highest levels of leadership in the institution of health care. To be an effective leader requires knowledge of the organization’s mission and the guidance of a theory of leadership congruent with and capable of delivering the facility’s objective. The traits of the leader must harmonize with the theory of leadership that is applied. Through careful examination of …show more content…
The practice employs one licensed practical nurse (LPN) and one medical assistant (MA). A primary care practice owned and staffed by an independent FNP is rare in the community in which the practice exists and starting the practice was innovative, experimental, and a business risk. The leader had to envision the future of the practice and share the vision with others to form a group of stakeholders who believed that the practice was valuable and would be successful. The LPN and FNP had worked together previous to the start of the practice and had developed a relationship and rapport that included loyalty, teamwork and trust and these qualities have been reinforced in the current practice site. The leader and staff work in collaboration with one another sharing the duties and accomplishments of the practice for both short term and long term goals. The atmosphere of the office requires that any person be able to perform the daily tasks necessary to keep things running smoothly to include answering the phone, cleaning the bathroom, or caring for the patient resulting in a cooperative team style in the organization. Everyone shares in the pride of accomplishments, celebrates success, and is a stakeholder in the business. Quality patient care and satisfaction is a priority and patients are considered team members and are treated with respect and have a shared decision making power concerning their treatment plans.
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