Leadership and Ethical Decision Making

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Leadership and Ethical Decision – Making

Richard Garner
Leadership and Ethical Decision – Making
Dr. Lisa Smart
January 14, 2013
Phase 1 Individual Project

Ethics are principles that are kept throughout one’s life so that he/she maintains a respectable level of honest value. Based on my moral outlook on life, my view of ethics may differ to that of many in this class. The reason for that is ethics partially depends on the individual feelings of a given situation. For example, some cultures believe that it’s unethical to have multiple partners, but in other cultures, you find that this is the norm. Morals and values are the framework to having and understanding ethics. Morals and values are the drivers
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This will ensure that his legacy history as an UWARE CEO is successful and ethical. As a sales rep Joe Smith is ethically responsible disclosing his position in the situation. He has responsibility of being honest and not misrepresent his stance. Joe will also need to follow up with the customer once a decision has been made. More importantly as a sales rep, Joe is responsible for keeping any business decision between the company and client confidential. As CEO of the Peninsula chain, Bill Bateman is responsible for ensuring that his company isn’t being taken advantage of and that the received the best price. He should seek business with companies who have a value base of treating their customers with dignity and respect. Mr. Bateman is also responsible for providing UWARE with warning of his dealings with THREADS4U. Lastly, Mr. Bateman has to take the advice of his board and make a decision that makes the most sense and allows him a greater value for his money.
For each stakeholder, what would be the appropriate response to the situation? Tom Tramlin should strategically plan but in his planning maintain fairness. Fairness will allow everyone involved their share of the rewards (Clawson, 2012). Joe Smith should reframe from making a judgment call, but instead concentrate of making Mr. Bateman comfortable enough in his ability
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