Leadership and Management in the Hospital setting Essay

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As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it requires people who attain great leadership qualities. The success of an organization depends on employees that can inspire people around them to achieve greatness and deliver quality care to the patients. Being in the healthcare industry, we have seen many changes recently. Therefore, by having a person with leadership qualities to guide others through these changes, while maintaining an organization that can deliver quality care is indispensable. Healthcare Delivery System The healthcare system has seen significant change over the past decade. This is due to improved technology, healthcare reform, and the economic crisis (Hendren, 2010). With the changes that are occurring, …show more content…

Managers are acknowledged based to their title within the organizations, whereas leaders are recognized by their characteristics. A good leader has the ability to influence people, while having integrity, and the ability to look outside of the box. A good leader is a person who is defined by the actions they take. Leaders have the ability to inspire those around them (Anderson, 2013). A good manager will do their job correctly according to expectations and job descriptions (Finkelman, 2012). Managers are usually more task oriented. Transformational Leadership Nursing Transformational leadership is an emerging type of leadership that is more adaptable the changing environment within healthcare and has the ability to guide and empower staff to embrace the changes (Finkelman, 2012). This type of leadership is especially important today with many nurses felling unsatisfied, or unappreciated. In order to have a successful organization, it must first have the ability to retain nurses through job satisfaction. Transformational leaders have the ability to encourage staff members to embrace the changes to come, by promoting such things as team work, and recognition of hard work done by staff members (Smith, 2011). Having the ability to recognize staffing needs along with the compassion to try and meet those needs while maintaining the functionality of the organization, is the key to future

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