Learning Cursive In Elementary School

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I can vividly recall learning cursive in elementary school back when it was required, unlike today. With medical brain scans showing that it helps to stimulate the left and right side of the brain as well as sharpen motor skills, it makes sense that this is the experience I had. Psycologists preformed an experiment in which the students who took notes manually outperformed the students who typed in their laptops, even when give a week to study said notes. Neither typing nor printing involve communication between both sides of the brain and cursive helps to better process the information as well as retain it. Since learning cursive has been shown to help the brain become stronger it has been used as a teaching tool for students with reading disorders such as dyslexia, not to mention those afflicted with brain injuries who may have lost the ability to read and write print but can still read and write cursive.…show more content…
This is evidenced by high schools and colleges requiring work to be typed on a computer, texting, and emails in the workplace. Signatures on legal documents can now be electronic as well as receipts. Personally, I send thousands of emails a year and young people today should be prepared to do the same in their careers. In order for American students to compete in the global economy, typing proficiency is necessary. With these changes in the way we communicate today, It's not suprising that only 37% of handwriting teachers surveyed still write in cursive. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace today that even keyboards will be replaced at some point, although we are not there
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