Learning Geography And Its Impact On Society 's Educational Curriculum

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In that same line of thought, we might ask ourselves what today students are not learning. Basically, students today are trying harder to comply with the government’s standard of teaching. Allan Bloom reports that openness is meant “... to force students to recognize that there are other ways of thinking and that Western ways are not better” (36). For example, if we start asking American students in the street to name South American capitals most of them won’t be able to answer more than 5 approximated or even less than that. However, learning geography is in today’s educational curriculum, but students are forced to known them all by memory for a test. Meaning that after the test those few hours that the kid spent memorizing them will banished and be useless for his or her future. In today’s world students are forced to learn to work instead of learning to be smart and intelligent. Allan Bloom says that “the purpose of [students] education is not to make them scholars but to provide them with a moral virtue - openness” (26). Which consequently, educating students with an openness based system might bring the best out of them for a greater workforce. History is the best example for this point in which we can select between great minds like Socrates, Plato, and Einstein that have succeeded beyond the standards of their times by implementing on their education the concept of openness. If we flip the coin, we might wonder what today students are learning. The best answer to

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