Learning How to Fear in Popular Media Essay

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Popular media is known for reproducing gender ideologies via lyrics and music video productions. 'P.I.M.P (Remix)' reproduces patriarchal gender ideologies both lyrically and visually. However, the production has incorporated a 'pimping is fun and prestigious' theme that trivializes crime, and does not elicit a fear of crime. This paper will primarily focus on Randol Contreras' article "Damn, Yo-Who's that Girl?" to elaborate on the male dominant gender ideology expressed in this prompt. The music video begins with 50 Cent in the company of women in lingerie. In addition to the lyrical hook, the theme has been firmly introduced where 50 Cent is the dominant male figure because he is a pimp, while his female company is playing the gender …show more content…

50 Cent plays the same role because he reveals that he does not actually care for shorty's sexuality; but just wants to use her to make money. This is visualized as 50 Cent leads the way while his women follow him submissively. In conclusion, this prompt reproduces male dominant gender ideologies. The following scene takes place at the 'Headquarters Pimp Legion of Doom,' where there is a room full of pimp, with Snoop Dogg being "the chosen one, Big Jeffery." This situation involves some sort of a trial that 50 Cent must pass to be a member of the 'pimp legion of doom.' Initially, 50 Cent is considered to be "fresh game to the table," due to having a uniqueness to him because "he don't drive a Cadillac, he don't got a perm." However, 50 Cent elaborates that he has achieved fast progress because of this unique lifestyle and his 'magic stick,' a symbol of power and skill. In terms of gender ideologies, this scene suggests that masculinity is attained based on the "Code of the Street" theory. Basically, 50 Cent has proven that he does not have to fit in to be a successful pimp and this is a way of commanding respect from the 'pimp legion of doom.' Furthermore, 50 Cent's uniqueness is his representation of masculinity has gotten him respect and protection. Opposing perspectives may find this prompt inappropriate because it encourages the gender ideologies that women are tools to be

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