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Learning Insights
At the final week of Innovation & Enterprise I EE3031 module, I finally learned the process of conceptualizing and designing a product which involves technology. Leadership, teamwork and communication should be part of education as it not only enhances interpersonal skills but real life skills. In addition, presenting to an audience was key to gaining interest for a new development product.

In the beginning lectures, I had no idea that brainstorming and conceptualizing an idea was part of an elaborate process to generate good product ideas. Great inspiration and a creative idea require deep thinking. I have learned that opportunity identification involves looking into the problems first rather than diving …show more content…

Hence, proper time management is crucial in meeting the deadlines of the projects. As a team, we agreed upon realistic deadlines for all distributed tasks as it helped us complete projects in timely manner.

Delegation of tasks was surprisingly easy as all the team members were very supportive and passionate. (Prive, 2012) Identifying the strength of my team is also a key factor in placing trusts in delegating tasks to the right person. It was also my duty to be fair to all group members of the workload they were handling. For an example, we would as a group evaluate and assess sub-tasks to see it needed more than one person to work on it.

The two projects gave me ample opportunity to work in a group. I learned that effective communication in a group plays an important role in ensuring that information gets across and there were no misunderstandings. In the two presentations, our group had emphasized on effective communications. We made sure that we do not complicate technical terms and ensured that we presented in clear and succinct manner.

Our presentation slides focuses more on pictures, charts and key-points for visual aid. By keeping the slides simple, audiences can focus more on the speaker. The videos uploaded by the Centre for English Language Communication department tell us our weaknesses which we do not realize by ourselves. Reflecting on my first and second presentation through videos and feedbacks from Ms. Christine has helped me

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