Learning More About Visual Arts

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Learning more about Visual Arts This Course Activity will help you meet these educational goals: • Inquiry— You will research using resources available with you, collect information, make observations, and communicate the results in written form. • 21st Century Skills— You will independently raise questions and pursue leads and communicate effectively. Introduction We live in a visual age. We are surrounded by all kinds of hi-tech devices that make use of the visual arts. Many career opportunites are now available in the field of visual arts. But before you get into the visual arts field, you should know how it has evolved over time and what visual arts professionals do as part of their jobs. __________________________________________________________________________ Directions and Analysis Task 1: Evolution of Visual Art (1 hour) The visual arts have evolved over time and have shown remarkable change and growth. Artists have built on the progress of their predecessors and made it a cumulative process of continuous innovation and added to the cultural heritage of humankind. Write a two-page (about 800 words) report on the evolution of one visual art of your choice. Type your response here: Photography has most definitely evolved over the past century. From the Frenchman Joseph Niepce 's first camera in about 1816, which took over 8 hours of light exposure to process an image, many scientists experimented with absorbing light, and eventually another French
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