Learning Of Reading While Stuck Into City Traffic

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Learning to Read While Stuck in City Traffic As a young child, your eyes are drawn to lights and signs. I learned this fact at the age of twelve. Not because my eyes were the ones that were always attracted but because at the time, my six year old brother had his big, hazel-green, eyes glued to the window as we sat in the backseat of my mothers Lexus SVU. My younger brother, Michael, would spend every second while we were stuck in parking lot, rush hour, traffic, pronouncing and sounding out any words his eyes could catch. Most of the time, Michael was unable to read the words he saw but that never stopped him. Growing up in the city, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, had its ups and downs. The downs being that you would spend countless hours…show more content…
While yes, how could one not love the beach, my heart has always been with the high pace, never tired, alway bright, city. Fifty story buildings light up the sky while clubs, stores, and restaurants light up the streets. As entertaining as all that must sound, you should be greatly surprised when I tell you, that was not even the greatest part. Signs, words, and names, those were the attention grabbers throughout the city. It seems simple, I know, but when you are six years old and don’t have a very good attention span, simple things can be all the entertainment you need to stay busy while stuck in the back seat of a boring car. Within only a mile, the amount of these simple yet captivating words or phrases you would see could fill its own dictionary. Road signs labeled words from “STOP” to “Speed Limit” covered the streets. My brothers favorite was always the bright, yellow taxi cabs with an advertisement that lit the roof showcasing a wings restaurant or a fancy nightclub. Public bus benches sat on every corner selling an air condition company or handy man. My favorite was always the different names of places on their buildings. These were all different fonts and colors that always interested me and kept my eyes busy as we passed. Now that I have explained what the busy streets of my hometown look like, think about those images from the inside of a car window. My mother would pick my
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