Learning Piano Research Paper

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When I was younger my mother forced me to learn piano by going to private lessons, I wasn’t interested in learn piano. Later when I took my first private lesson, I felt that learning piano wasn’t bad at all. When I can play my first song well, that is when I’m so interested in piano. Right after I step back in my house, I ran to the piano and start playing songs. Everyday I always playing the piano and I always felt excited to go to private lessons and get more songs. Music is life. Music makes you feel relaxing and being away from your families, friends, and you travel into another world. It is a world full of music that surrounded you with music. Music also makes you feel less stress from school and other busy stuff. Music brings me so much happiness – it really is very important to my life.…show more content…
Playing an instrument makes me feel pleasure and can provide a great sense of desire. The piano has both melody and harmony, therefore it can be played by yourself. It is possible to make articulate sounds on the piano from the very beginning because it has ready-made pitches unlike other instruments where it can take many months of study to master other instruments. Mastering the piano requires an enormous amount of co-ordination so this can pursue my mental skills. Learning piano really focuses my mind. It has been proved that children and adults who participates in musical activities are more happier and more sociable than those who don’t. The study of music is an extension of the learning process so that I can excel at piano playing often do well at school too. Playing the piano provides a ready-made opportunity for me to perform. Performing is so important for me. If I practiced regularly, I build confidence and it is essential for success in all walks of life. It can develop a strong affection and an interest my
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