Learning from the Rats

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" Rats are rodents that work by estimating and using their instinct in identifying an object to later on deciding to adopt an action based on the data they receive. That is what described in a book entitled Who Moved My Cheese? composed by Spencer Johnson. "
Trust me, the nature and work mechanism of rats could be reference to seal the number one position in this country. It can as well be utilized as a citation for the prospects who is developing a scheme to woo his running mate, as well as later in the campaign process and for the working cabinet plans as presently as they are elected.
I strongly believe the candidates---either those whose have clearly been put forward by the party or those who are still waiting for the appointment---can learn to enrich their horizon of planning the best efforts to win the election by reading from the rats’ wisdom as the strategy, no matter what arguments may arise from the public as we all understand that rats are symbolized as the icon of corruption, for example.
As the presidential candidates, they must be able to “sniff” and “bite” properly. Do not make mistakes as it is a risky job.
Imitating the Rats
Rats are constantly connected with negative things in our society. Rats are congruent with disgusting, smelly, and dirty creatures. Rats are also considered as the destroyer of crops. In summation to the brand, this rodent is also regarded an icon of corruption that undermined the people's money.

That is the reason why all things

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