Learning to Read and Write: The Story of Frederick Douglass Essays

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Learning to Read & Write
Frederick Douglas was born into the slave trade in Talbot County, Maryland. He was sent to work on a plantation for the Hugh’s Family for about seven years. This is the location where his learning truly began. His mistress was a “kind, tender-hearted, woman” who treated Frederick as a human instead of property the family owned. This was a dangerous thing for both parties at this time in history it was considered wrong. Frederick States “Slavery proved as injurious to her as it did to me” which I see the connection he had made to her change of personality because of slavery. She had heavenly qualities that slavery was able to divest from her. It was injurious to Fredrick not only for the lashings a salve would
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Once returned the third time his master brought the argument for slavery to the slave. The slave disposed the master’s argument and replied with something so “smart and impressive” says Douglas that the conversation results in the master voluntary releasing the slave. This was the hope that Frederick Douglas needed to continuity living under his oppressors. He was gaining the proof that “the power of truth over the conscience of even a slaveholder. A bold denunciation of slavery and a powerful vindication of human rights.” What his mistresses’ husband hoped to rob from the slaves was their intelligence and knowledge of human right. Something as a society today we value highly of. We are encouraged to go to school and get the grades to earn the degree that would allow us to work the dream job we desire. The trials Fredrick had gone through as a slave trying to have an education should be encouragement that with dedication any person can achieve what they set out to learn. If he was able to learn in secret and at adolescence discovered a means to end that leaves no excuse for an unhappy adult with a dead end job to return to school to obtain a better position. After learning to read Frederick felt it was double edge sword he was now aware of his terrible placement in the world and began to feel envious of his fellow
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