Lebron James: The Best NBA Player

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In the NBA, there are a lot of good and great players, but the best players are the ones that aren't all about winning the game, but about trying, dreaming, living live as best as they can.”The game has its ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your individual goals and you can't let yourself be beat by a lack of efforts”. this is true because if Michael Jordan did the same, and citizens can accomplish anything but with a lack of efforts people can't do as much because it's always going to hold people back from the things that everyone wants.”Dream as you live forever, live as if you die today”.clearly LeBron James wants regular citizens to live live as best as the individuals can because if people live as if the individuals die today than people have a full and a great life.”If you have a dream, chase it no matter what it takes”. James harden is definitely a great player but he had a dream to be an all star and he obviously chased it because…show more content…
When LeBron left Cleveland, Cleveland’s unemployment raised around 1.5 percent”. LeBron James is also committed to end unemployment so he basically trying to help all the homeless, because Lebron james has many fans, a small majority of them also follow LeBron James and ending unemployment. In addition he is a great multi task type player because he isn't just good at playing basketball, he can pass the ball in really creative ways to other people so they can make a point for the team and they get better known and that's why the cleveland cavaliers is such a successful and a powerful team. LeBron james has many talents, basketball, helping others, being a good teammate and the list goes on, but lebron james is just a really good and talented basketball
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