Lee Chew Life Of A Chinese Immigrant Summary

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The United States has always appeared to have had an unfair white American advantage. What instances of desire for superiority took place in America? The Slavery Era is an example of how white people alienated the rights of African Americans and other ethnic groups including the Irish. Americans oppressed, belittled, and alienated the rights of African Americans in many ways. African Americans were property to white Americans in the early slavery years. African Americans were often beaten and even murdered. Whites saw African Americans as inferior, so they treated them as such. This is a prime example of unethical and immoral actions that white Americans took to ensure their own power and superiority. Americans ensured their advantage in free …show more content…

The committee was willing to go to violent means to ensure the equality and fair opportunity in employment. This was their stand to the oppression that was put on the African Americans by white Americans who had wanted absolute control and ensured power, and superiority. This is a prime example of white Americans wanting to maintain dominance and superiority in the United States.
What about other immigrants? What was their life as an immigrant like? Did they have fair employment opportunity? Did they have equal rights? In analyzing Lee Chew’s Life of a Chinese Immigrant (1903), Lee Chew reveals some key points about “Chinese prejudice against American” he states that the prejudice is “unfounded” and how he did not believe in the “wild tales” about the Americans being “wicked wizards” and “men of evil minds” but in looking at what Chew had to endure after emigrating from China. Chew had stated that he went from laundering clothes, to the railroad, to mining and how “many of the miners were wild men who carried revolvers and after drinking would come into our place to shoot and steal shirts, for which we had to pay.” (Chew

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