Mark Twain And Maxine Hong Kingston

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In the mid 19th century, America was viewed as a hotspot for freedom and wealth. When the noise of the gold rush flooded the world, immigrants started to see America more appetizing than ever. The Chinese saw America as a place to have a fresh start and as a place of refuge because of it’s generosity, so they immigrated to the west in great numbers. There was a large Chinese population in Virginia and all along the Pacific coast. Writers Mark Twain and Maxine Hong Kingston both wrote in great detail about the Chinese Immigrants. They went into detail about the immigrants and how they came over and why. Although Twain and Kingston both wrote about the immigrants in a positive light, Twain was sympathetic of the immigrants and Kingston focused more on their image and her ancestors. Mark Twain and Maxine Hong Kingston are both influential writers when it comes to the history of the Chinese Immigrants. Bother of them showed a great amount of detail on their journey to America. Mark Twain actually pities the “friendless Mongol,” there were many superficial stereotypes of the Chinese immigrants (Ou 33). Twain ridicules the American’s racist attitudes against the Chinese. For example, in Roughing It, he wrote, “In every little cooped-up, dingy cavern of a hut, faint with the odor of burning Josh-lights and with nothing to see the gloom by save the sickly, guttering tallow candle, were two or three yellow, long-tailed vagabonds, coiled up on a sort of short truckle-bed, smoking

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