Legal Analysis Of Contract Case Study

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CONTRACT ANALYSIS 8 Running Head: CONTRACT ANALYSIS 1 Legal Analysis of Contract Case Study Rachelle Sepich Liberty University Summary of Contractual Issue Marshall and I have an existing business relationship in that I manufacture and supply products that Marshall needs. Generally, the relationship has gone well except for Marshall?s late payments from time to time. Astoundingly, Marshall prepared a contract which was presented as a technicality intended for documentation of commitment between our companies to continue doing business with one another (Kubasek et al., 2016, p. 249). Marshall provided this substantive unconscionability contract to my son with undue influence in his assertions (Kubasek et al., 2016, p. 251). It?s …show more content…

making the contract a ?binding agreement? (Kubasek et al., 2016, pp. 193-194). That said, what does the law mean when that contract is signed by a minor? Or better yet, what does the Bible say about honoring commitments for the believer and unbeliever? ?As a general rule, parents are not liable for the contracts entered into by their minor children? (Kubasek et al., 2016, p. 226). Cercel and Scurtu advised civil law regulates that there is "limited legal capacity of minors between 14 and 18 years of age" given the assumed insufficient psychological magnitude to exercise legal rights (Cercel, S., & Scurtu, S., 2015). Despite the fact that my son was turning 18 soon and irrespective of Marshall?s awareness to my son?s age, my son was only 17 and was not authorized to act on my behalf. Marshall misrepresented the importance and neglected to expound upon the legal ramifications before executing an agreement with my son. First, grossly minimizing that his contract would be a "formality" and implying that I was aware of the terms and conditions disclosed. As an unbeliever, I can only assume that he either intended to deceive or has no appreciation for the impact his words would have had on my son. Third, implementing such an agreement would force an unjustified and indefinite reliance to work together. Lastly, an agreement of this nature would impede my ability to do business (i.e. sell my company to avoid loss of customers and imminent

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