Legal Terms Of Contract Law

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Introduction: In this assignment I will go over a few legal terms in relation to contract law. I will also talk about a few precedents that help explain the law. Terms of the contract Terms are the things that make up the contract. They are the actions and inactions that the parties agree upon with each other. Without the terms there is no contract. They are divided into a few parts, there is express terms and implied terms. Express terms are terms which are stated and made clear to both parties. They can be spoken and written but the expression and agreement of them is what makes the expressed terms. For instance, my phone company are offering me unlimited minutes, this is an expressed term of the contract since it is communicate to me (through words). Implied terms are terms that are assumed and expected to be carried out. They do not have to be communicated since it would be reasonable to assume that both parties are aware of them. To put this into context let’s take the example of the man at the restaurant. He orders his meal, eats his meal and then walks out the restaurant instead of paying at the end. He claims he was never asked to pay, so he doesn’t need to. He is in the wrong since it is an implied term that after a meal the customer must pay the restaurant for their order. If he walks out without paying he is breaching the contract and breaking the law. The restaurant are entitled to sue for damages and use the law against the customer. Conditions and warranties

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