Common Law Assignment

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Introduction to Business Law and Ethics Semester 2, 2017 Common Law Assignment KARANDEEP SINGH (19638047) 1. ISSUE Was it is a term of a contract between peter and forever furniture that OFFICE PRO 9X is a best value or amazing chair on the market? RULE The terms are promises that has been agreed between parties while making the contract and are enforceable. But there are some statements that made while entering into the contract cannot be considered as terms of contract, such as: 1. Puffery 2. Opinions( I think, I believe, in my opinion, etc) 3. Representation: These are the statements which are made to make other party interested in contract. So to determine the terms in a contract there are some things that we have to look at: 1. Type of language used 2. Place and time where the statement is being made 3. Intention of the person 4. Importance of the statement to both parties entering (eg.-Oscar Chess Ltd v Williams) Opinion-Expression of personnel opinion must be distinguished from statement of facts because personal views may be incorrect. APPLICATION In this case, peter decided retirement from his physical education field as his doctor suggest him that he can’t handle any more strain. So he decided to write book of dreaming of all his life. After seeing a television advertisement, Peter decides to visit FURNITURE FOREVER show room in Docklands to have a look at their stock for chair. He told all of his problem to Samantha (customer
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