Legal Theory and Application: Making Drugs for Gangs

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Theoretical Formulation Bobby experienced and watched his siblings abused from his parents, especially father. His parents were present physically; but mentally and emotionally both were never, if rarely available. Bobby wanted to be loved, protected, and shown that his existence mattered. His mother would indulge herself by making Bobby dress in flamboyant attire. Bobby continued this behavior, not because he enjoyed the way he looked. Bobby dressed in flamboyant attire to gain his mother’s attention and love. She encouraged him to take drugs and sell drugs. This would be considered bad attention; but for Bobby this attention was his only attention (Cleaver, Unell, & Aldgate. 2011). When Bobby reached puberty he was in ninth grade an issue occurred of violence; and inappropriate physical behavior forced on a female his age (Poulton, Melzer, Tait, Garnett, Cowell, Baur, & Clarke, 2013). Behavior he had not given into prior or since. Bobby’s parents had divorced when he turned 13; but the parent’s attention toward the children had not increased. Need for a home life, starvation, drugs, and hormones placed Bobby in an awkward mental state. He stopped going to school from this point forward. Making drugs for gangs, methamphetamines produced money; and he started taking the product he made. Bobby continued to dress flamboyantly; this kept him close to his mother, pleasing her in an obscure way. He worked part time jobs, but would not try for full time

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