Analysis Of The Article ' Legal Drugs Unlikely Foster Nation Of Zombies ' By Stephan Chapman

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In his article “Legal Drugs Unlikely to Foster Nation of Zombies,” Stephan Chapman presents a hypothetical situation where the use of illicit drugs is legalized by the government. This improbable situation of having a legalized system of distributing prohibited drugs would cause much chaos in the society, however, would it make clean living citizens go into a store and pick up some of these drugs? Not likely. The data from a survey by the Drug Policy Foundation reflects that only a few individuals agree that they would go for the drugs like marijuana and cocaine if they were legalized and able to have them openly. There are forms like statistical and convergent arguments that the author presents in this article to prove his point of a probable situation.
At first Chapman does not limit his perspective to one side of criticizing the use of illegal drugs in society. Instead, he deals with this subject in a broad way. He argues over the fact that the use of these prohibited drugs costs the government a lot of money, police time and prison space and how in spite of taking several administrative steps, the government has suffered from a colossal failure in stopping the drug abuse. He provides the data in support of his argument which is direct and precise. Through the example of Bennett, he tries to convey the message that people are not willing to have the spread of drug abuse in citizenry. A survey was conducted asking people to respond to the following question: if illegal…
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