Legalization Of Marijuan Recreational And Medicinal Purposes

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Marijuana: Recreational to Cultural to Medicinal Purpose and Legalization Kalpana Sapkota Northwestern Oklahoma State University Abstract This paper provides detailed information about the controversial topic that is the legalization of marijuana. Different articles proved that legal status of marijuana has been debated vigorously and will continue to be a heated debate for years to come. Marijuana has its negative effect but it can be used for recreational, cultural and medicinal purposes. Different people have different views regarding legalization of marijuana, but the most significant argument against legalization is that governmental approval of marijuana as a prescription drug would send the wrong message to the general population and would cause more extensive recreational use of this drug. The appropriate government response to the negative effects is to fight them directly b stopping the illegal practitioners from doing them (Barnes, 2000, p.29). Legalization of marijuana does not force people to use it but it is a personal choice to have it or not. Marijuana has its positive and negative effects, but the government should make plan to increase the positive effect and to eliminate the negative effect. Keywords: controversial, neuropharmacologic, long term memory, short term memory, Mahashivaratri. Marijuana the common drug The term “marijuana” is a word with many different names and indistinct origins. It is a Latin, American and Spanish word.

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