Essay on Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Use

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For the past decade or so, there has been a war on legalization of medical marijuana that states that patients would have to be either prescribed by their doctor, or have permission from their doctor to grow marijuana and smoke it for MEDICINAL PURPOSES. In todays world, some parents are even giving their young kids medicinal marijuana to cure there sickness. Such as Kaitlyn Pogson who is a 13 month child who suffers from epilepsy. Barry Pogson (father) decided they were going to move to Colorado because it wouldn't be legalized in Canada in time to save her life. Just after a week, Kaitlyn was more alert, slept better and hasn’t had to return to emergency for seizures. They couldn’t believe it. In all states with medical marijuana, …show more content…

Even some vets are turning to marijuana to treat illnesses. Even though not many dispensaries have PTSD as a illness eligible for a medical marijuana green card, they are still finding legal and illegal ways to get weed. VICE magazine shared a story about war vets who turned to marijuana to help cope with PTSD. Jeremiah Civil and Christian Slater are both veterans of the Iraq War and saw things that left them with deep emotional scars. Christian Slater says “When I smoke, it makes my brain slow down enough to deal with all of the shit out in the world. It helps me reach a balancing point. I’ve been on every drug they have out there and none of them did what marijuana has done for me.” Christain also says that it helps with his spinal cord problems from being in a accident inside of a tank in the war. “When I smoke pot it takes care of my depression and anxiety. It makes it so I can go out in public. If someone tailgates me, I’m more likely to not give a fuck, and it doesn’t make me zombie out,” Jeremiah explained, saying that if someone tailgates you in Iraq they might be on the verge of attacking you. Patrik Jonssan says that Some of the newer states to legalize marijuana are Illinois, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, and more are on the way. Though many states have been talking about it for the past few years. According to KCAU-TV(news channel

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