Essay on Legalizing Prostitution

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Legalizing prostitution! A way for the American government to create job opportunities for the American women that chooses this profession. Prostitution is legal in many countries, so why not all of the United States? Prostitution should not be a crime! Sex is not a crime. Exchanging of money is not a crime. So, why should the two combined be a crime? Women can have sex with as many people as she wants in her private life, it’s her body and her choice. So what if she charges for it. She is providing a service to those who are consenting to the act. Prostitution is the act of two consensual adults engaging in sexual activity for the exchange of money. Prostitution should be a legitimate industry and problems within the industry are …show more content…

“The average cost per hooker bust was almost $2,000 — and "the average big-city police department spent 213 man-hours a day enforcing prostitution laws (Bovard, 1998)." Tax payers’ dollars are spent every time a prostitute gets arrested. The government could also enforce rules and other regulations such as; Age limit, how many hours a woman can per week, and required health-screens and drug-screens in order to be a legal prostitute.
When a woman is charged for a sex crime (prostitution), the stigma lasts for lifetime (Cross, 2008). As the result, these women are not able to find any other employment. Legalization of prostitution gives women a choice in profession. Unemployment numbers may be high in some states, but the actual exact numbers of unemployment are unknown at this time. Jobs are hard to come by for some. Having no education or having a criminal background could prevent a person from finding a job for longer than expected. This legal service would not only provide jobs, and help secure their well-being, it provides service to those who cannot find a partner on their own and could be an option to get relief from sexual frustrations.
If the government legalizes the prostitution profession, the crimes will decline as well. One of the problems associated with prostitution is increased crime. Illegal prostitution promotes crime activity because many criminals view

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