Should Of Mice And Men Be Considered Euthanasia?

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Should a human being be put down like an animal? No, because a person has the right to live unless God is the one who takes their life. Also, it’s not euthanasia because Lennie was not sick and he was not old. When an animal is euthanized it is not living a good life anymore. This was not the case for Lennie. Lenny was a healthy man who was murdered not euthanized.

To start, George does not want to allow workers to brutally murder his friend, shoots Lennie for mercy. The only one who understands this irony is Slim, that tries to console George, when he says: "you hadda, George." I swear hadda".

Allowing death through the Elimination of extreme medical measures or painless death of an animal that suffers a painful condition or a painful incurable or difficult recovery. What George did to Lennie can not be considered euthanasia because is was involuntary.The decision was made by another person(George) because the patient(Lennie) was incapable to doing so himself. In addition you can not commit euthanasia with a bullet to the head. This is because it is usually conducted with medical assistance with medical equipment. …show more content…

Yes, Lennie dies, but is a merciful death, and judging by the context of the story, it is likely to be better as well. (At least Steinbeck believes it). But George became one of those lonely employees of rancho describing at the beginning of the novel, those men who "have no family. They do not belong anywhere. They work on the ranch, save some money and go to the city to squander it. And so without further, go to work at another ranch. They don't have any plan in the future that motivates

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