Marysol Martinez . Ms. Elliott. Ap English/2P . 23 January

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Marysol Martinez
Ms. Elliott
AP English/2P
23 January 2017
Assisted Suicide Rough Draft Assisted suicide is an ethical topic that has sparked up many controversies. Individuals have heated disputes on whether or not patients who are suffering should have the right to die. Some worry that legalizing euthanasia is irrational and would violate some religions, while others argue that it provides a peaceful death towards terminally ill patients who are suffering from pain. Physician-assisted suicide is a contentious matter, in which there are many positive and negative aspects, whether or not it should be committed is a complex decision. Euthanasia is the painless killing of a person that is suffering from an incurable and painful …show more content…

After reading the request, they hear back from the doctor in 2 days, at the least. The doctor needs to evaluate if the patient has a psychological disorder. If they do not, they may subscribe lethal drugs. The physician must keep reminding the patient that it is okay to back out and try to convince them not to do it. ¨A second physician must evaluate the situation and also sign a document¨ (Cramer 5) which states that the patient is terminally ill and has no other options. Finally, the individual gets the one out of two substances. They either pay for a powder that is $125 or a liquid which is $1000. The liquid is more convenient, which is why it is so expensive. The patient has to take the drugs themselves, in other words, the doctor cannot help them because it would also be considered illegal. After taking the drug, the individual will fall into a coma about 5 minutes after and die in about 30 minutes. Of course, the process will vary according to the individual 's health and weight. Finally, the time of death is called by an employee that checks the patient 's pulse every few minutes. Many individuals agree with the concept of euthanasia. They argue that assisted suicide helps patients perish with dignity. A physician 's job is to relieve pain from their patients, but they cannot do that if there is no cure. The only way to relieve their pain is to give them lethal drugs if they want it. Assisted suicide also respects individual autonomy,

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