Lennie And George Character Analysis

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In the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, Lennie and George have both similarities and differences that are revealed throughout the storyline. These comparisons and contrasts are used to explain their unique friendship and dependency on one another. The story begins with the description of their physical and intellectual differences and establishes their roles of who is the dominant one. The story shares the obstacles that have stood in the way of them obtaining their “American Dream” to own land, even if they if they have different motivations. The story concludes with the difficult choice that George makes to end Lennie’s life himself, out of his love for his friend. George and Lennie have very different physical traits and personal characteristics even though they were both migrant workers, dressed in similar clothing and grew up together in the same town. George is small, defined, short tempered, impatient and responsible. “The first man...a thin bony nose..” (Pg. 2 ). George makes sure that they have jobs, controls their money, makes the plans, and stays clear of any trouble that Lennie’s actions may cause. Lennie is the complete opposite and is a much bigger man who has broad shoulders, is a hard worker, with dragging feet, childlike innocence, and acts impulsively. “Behind him walked...but hung loosely.” (Pg. 2). Lennie has a mental impairment that makes him react in an obsessive manner. This often leads to poor decisions or even unintentional
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