Leon Trotsky's Contribution to the Success of the Bolsheviks Up To 1922

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Leon Trotsky's Contribution to the Success of the Bolsheviks Up To 1922

In this essay I will explain Leon Trotsky's contribution to the success of the Bolsheviks. I will consider a number of reasons including his organisation of the revolution, his actions on the 6th - 8th November 1917, public speaking, The Red Army & civil war, and the Kronstadt uprising. I will finish with a clear, concise, conclusion.

Leon Trotsky was born in 1879 in a remote part of southern Ukraine. He was the son of a Jewish farmer and was educated ant Odessa University. He became very interested in the writings of Karl Marx, as a result he spent long times in exile. Trotsky was a first a Menshevik and did not join the …show more content…

On the evening of 6th November 1917, Trotsky went to the Peter and Paul Fortress, this housed the majority of Russian arms, it is located on an island in the middle of the river Neva in Petrograd, he bribed the troops guarding the fortress and his troops were given access to powerful munitions. Later that night the Revolution began. The primary objectives were to take command of railway stations, post offices, telephone centres, banks, bridges, and the Engineers' Palace (the military headquarters). This objective continued into the morning of the 7th, and on the evening of the 7th November 1917 Trotsky and his Red Guard stormed the Winter Palace and arrested the ministers of the provisional government. On the 8th November, an announcement was made that the provisional government had been overthrown. This helped the Bolsheviks because the organisation skills Trotsky supplied meant the Bolsheviks had support and weapons, if it hadn't been for him, the Bolsheviks may never have overthrown the government. It also meant everything was perfectly set up for the Revolution

Trotsky was a skilled public speaker who managed to inspire his listeners to support him and his party. His speeches were inspirational to everyone who listened and it made many change their ideas about how Russia should be governed. He made his speeches with "skill and brilliance". An eyewitness to

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