Leonardo Da Vinci : The Work Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Valuable art is often perceived as hard to come by, but in reality, it is all around us. To put boundaries and definitions on art alters its purpose; it takes many different forms and shapes, and presents itself in many different styles and techniques, all depending on the artist. Simple or intricate attention to detail are both very important in their own separate ways, and are used individually to portray different meanings. As for the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, his scientifically proportionate, realistically three-dimensional way of skillfully detailed painting brings his work to a masterful scale. His commissioned work (as well as personal pieces) is known worldwide, and his remarkable talent traces every single piece. Leonardo Da Vinci set standards for similar artists everywhere. Leonardo’s most famous piece is titled, the “Mona Lisa”, and was painted in 1503-1506. Oil on cottonwood, it is 30.2 x 20.9 inches, and it is famous for very many reasons. Observers of the painting are lured in by the lady’s expression; in it, one can perceive both an understanding of grief as well as happiness. She carries a mysterious smile on her face, yet her eyes are heavy and dark. The darkness is also communicated through the color choices of the painting, heavy colors ranging from earthy browns to dull yellows, creating a post-apocalyptic mood. Beyond these characteristics, the “Mona Lisa” also follows two very interesting rules: one point perspective and the golden ratio. These are

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