Les Demoiselles D ' Avignon Vs The Starry Night

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Les Demoiselles d’Avignon VS The Starry Night Case Study 1: The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh is one of his most known artworks, it portrays his uniqueness from other artists during his time, and it shows the viewer into some of his deepest emotions. Van Gogh had suffered personal turmoil that reached a high in December of 1888, where he then had a brief stay at an Arles hospital (Sayre 53). Within a few months van Gogh had been committed to a mental hospital, which is where he painted The Starry Night (Sayre 53). The website Artble analyzes that it seems as though van Gogh is creating a contrast between life and death with the bright sky and the dark, quiet town. The Starry Night features a cypress tree, a tree known to mark graves, which gives the viewer a sense of death. The church in the painting can be a representation of both life and death. Life can be observed from the church because it brings its followers together and can provide them with a sense of peace and happiness. Death can be observed because the church is a place where the heavens are worshiped and the dead are buried to ascend into heaven. “Soth has interpreted the Starry Night as “a religious picture, a sublimation of impulses that, since Van Gogh’s loss of faith… could not find their outlet in conventional imagery.” He concluded: “Unable to paint The Agony in the Garden, Van Gogh projected its emotional content onto nature and created a sublimated image of his deepest feelings. At its most profound

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