Lesser Developed Countries

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Collier makes the argument that while much of LDCs are becoming wealthier, this isn’t the case in Africa and Central Asia who is stuck due to four development traps. Seventy percent of the bottom billion is in Africa. According to Collier, the first trap is the conflict trap. He claims that 73% in the bottom billion are in or have been in a war like conflict, almost always an internal civil war. Countries with high rates of poverty are more likely to break out in civil war and the war itself lowers incomes, therefore perpetuating the problem. This is partly due to the large amount of available young men who are out of work and ready for a rebellion and due to the weakness of the state, this becomes quite easy. The longer a country is at war, more actors become involved due to the potential of profiting of it. A civil war also increases the risk of future conflicts and according to Collier it is development in reverse. Economic loss and disease do not stop when the fighting does. Furthermore, during conflict, political rights disappear and almost all of the world’s hard drugs come from these areas due to little law enforcement. Low income, slow growth, and commodity export dependence make up the top three attributes of a high civil war risk country, which is hard to live down after it begins, since…
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