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Life Lessons from Books Books have been around for centuries. Even though when books were first introduced many people were illiterate, they heard these books through oral traditions. These stories have been passed from generation to generation. Sometimes they evolve but the lessons within them do not. These life lessons has held value through many centuries and continue to. Many people just read the book for the escape from reality. Little do they know they are getting taught a lesson. Life lessons can be learned from books. Lying Hurts First, one life lesson that can be learned from books is lying hurts the people closest to you. In the book, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Rebecca Bloomwood is in debt due to her shopping addiction. She lies to her friends, family, and boss about her financial issues. Her roommate asks her for the rent money but she keeps stalling the payment. The friend gets frustrated and questions Rebecca if she has the money. It breaks the trust within the friendship. Rebecca ends up becoming distant and it weakens the friendship. She lost a friendship because she lied to her over not having money. Also, Rebecca gets a job as a journalist for a finance magazine. One of her jobs is to write an article about how to save money. This article is hypocritical to her current situation of being in debt. She writes the article and it is a hit. She is wanted for interviews but if they only knew of her situation. During an interview, a collection
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