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Lesson Reflection

Spelling Lesson

My lesson reflection

My lesson was based upon the spelling words for the week. I enlarged the letters of each word i.e: make.

These letters were distributed between the students, I would call out a word and the students were to utilise cooperative learning to create the answer. The students with the corresponding letters stood up, they said each letter and then the word, from here the entire class would day and spell the word. Students worked well during the cooperative learning task, sharing and discussing which letters and students needed to be used. This continued with the words; little, made, look, just. From here students completed a spelling word sheet which complemented the spelling …show more content…

Uses a reward game (buzz) to motivate students to complete class task.
Instructions are explained clearly to students and examples are given. Students are to repeat the instructions.
Good cooperation work between class and student teacher.
Good use of room, walks around and checks on students progress during the task.
If student is stuck, she encourages them to think, if they are still stuck then she uses examples.
Knows how to extend the task

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