Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

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Zuri Wells
Magan Davis
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Letter from Birmingham Jail: That Is "UNJUST"

In 1963, Martin Luther King was confined in Birmingham because of his protesting contributes. During this time, there was segregation going on which enjoined African Americans from utilizing particular areas or any type of accommodations in all. King had indited a letter in replication to the eight white clergymen who reprehended King 's actions. In the "Letter from Birmingham jail" King bulwarks the lawfulness of protesting, transgressing the law in nonviolent demonstrations against segregation and racism. The major premise here is that all laws that devalue the human disposition are inequitable. The white clergymen who conveyed objection to King 's actions felt that his actions were transgressing the law and causing chaos. King argues that the laws of the segregated south are inequitable and should not be accepted or followed. King breaks the distinguishment between God 's laws and discriminatory, man-made laws that are made to oppress the Black race, and how he is obligated to fight against those types of laws. The more diminutive premises here is that laws of segregation devalue the ebony man/woman character. Analysis of the Argument
King includes deductive reasoning inside of his letter
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