Letter To Families

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Dear Papa, This is Margaret your daughter. I miss you so much. We have had to move due to the war. Mama and I live in Washington County right now and we want to know how you are. I know that you are serving for our country, but there are some things that I need to inform you about. Mama has to work in a factory now since women have to replace men while they are off to battle. We never wanted you to leave. The good things that have changed are now women can work and earn money for families. Women now can get a feel of what responsibility is. However, there are also bad things that have changed during the war. People have lost loved ones and no longer get to see them, and families have to travel because of work and …show more content…

I think of all the memories that we have made and I wonder if I will get to do anymore with you. Mama and I are so proud of you for being so brave to fight for our country. Mama is soon going to be a nurse and she can’t wait to see the excitement that will be on your face. Nothing will tear our bond apart. You and Mama was love at first sight. Oh Papa, why did you have to leave? I keep asking myself that question. Was this for me because if it was I don’t deserve it. I always knew that we had a plan to travel the world one day, but will that ever get to happen? I enjoy the funny moments in life. Whenever I am sad you’re always the one to cheer me up. I know that I don’t have any siblings to entertain me because I have you. You’re the one that entertains me. I still can’t believe that it has been so long since I have seen you. Nothing has really gone on. I hope that nothing exciting happens while you’re gone because I want everything to happen when you come home. I am sure that you would be so proud of Mama for all that she has done and all the work that she has done too. I hope that your life wasn't taken fighting for our country. I hope that I will hear back from you and receive a letter from you before your back. I just want to hear your voice Papa. Oh the joy that will be on Mama and I’s face when you come back. I miss you and I will forever and always love you with all my heart and soul. Thank you for being my Papa and fighting for not only me

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