Letter To King Hammurabi

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Hello King Hammurabi I present you with what I found in Egypt. We’ll start with the Nile River.The Nile is 4,000 miles long!The Nile is bigger than the Tigris and Euphrates.The Nile also makes two huge bends that make an S shape that is 1,000 miles long.The Nile also floods,Just like ours.Our rivers are alike because when the Nile floods they use it for farming. Now I will tell you their achievements.Their society had social classes,Just like ours,for example:King/Ruler or pharaoh.They also had slave but slaves had certain rights Another example:They Could inherit land from their Masters.They also had a crop called papyrus which was used for many things like paper a material that was used to write on.They say it’s

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