Letter To The Kite Runner

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I am writing this letter because I find is easier for me to write down my feelings and thoughts. Baba I try to please you by being more like you but i'm never successful to please you. Since Baba you like soccer i try my hardest to like it too, you never show me love or affection nothing near as much as you show towards Hassan even though i'm your son not him. I just want some attention i'm trying my best so you'd be proud of me. Im very good at poetry and reading but i'm scared that you'll see these as another reason not to give me your affection because it's not a manly pursuit. Hassan's birthday was today and you were kind enough to bring him a plastic surgeon to help fix his lip. All i'm asking for is a reason why you don't love me as …show more content…

When Rahim left he gave me an note he said i have great talent, I rushed to go wake up hassan so i can read him the story. When I was finished reading the story he gave me a compliment but he also said something that I didn't think of. I was so annoyed i didn't think of it myself and because of you baba i started thinking some nasty thoughts about Hassan being a Hazara but i said nothing. Why can't you just be my father and love me more sometimes it makes me think part of you hates me and it's because of you these thoughts came about you treat him like he's like your real son not me. We ran into Assef, he was threatening us with his brass knuckles. I was so sacred and me being scared made me think of you and how it was be unmanly to cry so i held back my fear, Assef was talking about the new republic and he was saying that i'm part of the problem for being friends with a Hazara for a moment i thought of hassan as my servant, not a friend, but i quickly recognize that i had the wrong thought and Hassan is like a brother to me. I'm sorry i'm not the son you wanted me to be, i’m sorry i’m not manly enough, i'm sorry I’ve disappointed you baba, i just want you to treat me like one of your own

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