Letter from Elizabeth and John Proctor

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Dear my lovely husband John, Today I am writing to you, thinking about all of our lovely memories we have had in Salem as a wonderful married couple. I am writing this letter to you because I wanted to day my last few words to you before you are hanged. How did everything go from having a lovely life to, you being sentence to death because you confessed about being in contact with the devil? Also, I feel this is completely my fault, and I am the breakdown of our family. I have a lot of regrets from our marriage that I caused. I let Abigail get the best of me, and it ruined our marriage and now I am not going to have a husband anymore because you are going to die. I really regret our fight in our house after you got home. I remember …show more content…

I feel that I did not do a very good job at being a very good husband towards you or being a good father to our kids. I blame myself because I tried to save you from being accused as a witch and I now I am being sentence to death. I don’t want to leave you, and our kids. I love you so much! Also, I regret having that fight with you. I never meant anything I said about your attitude “being frozen as beer”. I regret having that moment with Abigail, because I had a gut feeling in

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