Levendary Cafe: the China Callenge Essay

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Multi-unit Restaurant Business concepts are represented by units with independent operators. The concepts are categorized into three industry segments 1) specialty establishments, 2) quick service restaurants, and 3) casual dining. An excellent example of this concept business is The Darden family of restaurants, founded from Lakeland, FL, which features the following most successful and recognizable brands in full- service dining: Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Long Horn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, The Capital Grille, Eddie V’s, and Yard House. According to their last SEC 10-k report filing, they own and operate worldwide more than 2,000 restaurants, employ 185,000 people, and serve more than 423 million meals a year. The …show more content…

He wanted to keep the customer delighted. In so doing, this often meant customization and local menu adaptations as stated in the case. When looked at separately, there is no difference between menu variations in the US South vs. Northeast than in China’s Pudong vs. Beijing’s Forbidden City. In each instance, the location was dictating what the customer wanted. Key issues facing Mia Foster: There are several critical issues Mia Foster is confronting. Let’s begin with her first role as a CEO. Although she has had leadership skills as former President, she has yet to prove her talents to Wall Street investors. Second, she is dealing with a global company with operations in US, Dubai, and China; moreover, the financial reporting for each of these operations must be consolidated to one. Lastly, she has to understand Louis Chen and the entire China operations. In scope, all three of Mia Foster’s issues are interconnected. To tackle each individually will suffice the next issue starting with Louis Chen and the China operations. If she were to review Levendary Café’s foundation, along with the Board and COO – Lucian Leclerc, they will be reminded that they are known for their willingness for taking risks – especially those that helped evolve its concept over time. What may have worked in Levendary Café #1 in the US 32 years ago may not work in

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