Levitt And Dubner's Freakonomics

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Within its 300 or so pages, Freakonomics manages to cover a vast scope of topics that typically wouldn’t be seen as related at all, let alone bound within the same two covers of a best-selling book. From sumo wrestlers to real-estate agents to drug dealers, Levitt and Dubner delve into these and many other unconventional topics in a way that shines a new light on all of them--in a way that an economist would look at them.
Levitt and Dubner have a unique way of connecting two seemingly unrelated subjects by using data to compare economic ideas. Data from standardized tests and wrestling tournaments show how schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers, respectively, resort to cheating in order to maximize their utility. Another strange comparison between …show more content…

A suggested theory of why crime dropped was that there was a change in the cocaine market. Leading up the 1990s, the crack market exhibited positive economic profits for firms in the market which attracted new sellers to join the market. The increase of firms led to an increase in supply which means a decrease in price. The decrease in the price of crack would erode the amount of profit the sellers would make, and soon the crack market just wasn’t as appealing, and the profits being made weren’t enough to balance the risks that came along with selling the drugs. The idea was that because of the economic aspect of the drug market in America, less people were getting involved in violence like turf wars which decreased crime …show more content…

I went into it thinking it would be some lame book trying to convince kids that economics is cool, but the quirky topics and the humor sprinkled throughout the book won me over in the end. The economic aspects of Freakonomics were also much more subtle and less “in your face” than I expected, and I have to admit blending economics into the topics not only helped to make them more factually sound, but they actually made the book more interesting. Levitt’s knowledge and the amount of research he did into each subject he covered was obvious in the book’s content, and Dubner’s ability to present such a large amount of information in both an understandable and entertaining way made this a book a winner on all

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