Lewis And Clark Challenges

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The men of the expedition had plenty of challenges to face on their return back home. The men was only half way through their journey and they had already spent 95% of their money they had received to go on the expedition. In the beginning of the expedition the men didn’t know what they was going against. They didn’t know how to manage the food and supplies they were provide to go on with the expedition. Lewis, Clark and the rest of the men learn their lesson from when the expedition first begun. The captains decided to put supplies into caches that had stretched from the Nez Perce country to the Great falls. That was a brilliant idea that the captains had made because now they can replenish as the move east ward back home. The expedition…show more content…
Never have the men seen Lewis this mad and they never seen them whip an Indian. The soldiers had threatened the Old man with the rifles and they also had gave him a few hit with a switch. The Chinooks show Lewis and Clark their flaws. They had such a bad reputation. They wasn’t just known as thieves they was known as one of the best thieves. They was so good that the men could turn their back for one second and something would be missing. The Indians tended to upset Lewis. They had stolen his dog (Seaman) and that was the last straw for Lewis patience with these Indians. Lewis ordered three men to go out and follow them and if they become any type of difficult to fire at…show more content…
Once the men had a conversation on what to do they came to a conclusion which was to turn back around. In which they did and several days later they seen some Indians that lead them through the mountains as quickly as possible. The men decided to split up to find different routes to take back home. The men divide into five small groups and went through some complicated investigations to find the best route. In Chapter 31, Meriwether and the men set off to discover the headwaters of the Marias River in July. They also came across the Missouri River drainage basin which extend 49 degrees north. The men knew if they reached that point then the United States can legally claim more territory due to the terms that came about once Jefferson had purchased the Louisiana Purchase. The men was still in the small groups that they had got into in last chapter to find a better route. The all actually was able to go on down the Big Blackfoot River all the way to the White Bear Island without any major problems or
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