The Expedition of Lewis and Clark

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This report is on Lewis and Clark's adventure through the United States. On May 14,1803 William Clark and nearly four dozen other men met up with Meriwether Lewis on May 20. The Lewis and Clark Expeditio,n "The Corps of Discovery" began making its way up the •. \"\?\ \? Missouri on a •ss-toot-long ship and two smaller boats. As they traveled,Clark spent most of his time on the ship journaling the course and making maps. Lewis wa s often on the shore, studying the rock formations, soil,animals, and plants along the way. The members of the expedition were always on the lookout for Indians and hoping they would come in peace. They were armed in case they weren't. For security, Lewis and Clark made camp on river isla nds whenever possible and kept guards there at night. By the end of July they had traveled more than 600 miles up the river and still hadn't met an Indian. Lewis and Clark were able to cover many miles before The Missouri River froze . Four days after the first snowfa ll, they reached the Mandan tribe's villages, where they planned to spend the winter. Without stopping,the members began to build a fort for protection against the snow and attack by the Sioux. Before the end of November, when ice wa s already running in the river, the fort was finished. Temperatures dropped to below QQF and guards, watching the entire fort, had to be relieved every 30 minutes. The expedition's food supplies soon began to run low. To make it through the winter, the

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