Lgbt Community And The Community

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The main topic of the paper will be discussing about the LGBT community or, also known as the GLBT community, which is defined as a group of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. The LGBT community organizes a lot of support and movement for civil rights all around the world, for example, parades. The paper in mind for this integrative project will be discussing about how North Americans became more approachable to be acceptant towards the LGBT community mainly concentrating in Canada and the United States. This topic is relevant for the world we live in since; the LGBT community is a big part of our culture and these individuals still needs to be heard from this day. They are human beings just like heterosexual people, yet they …show more content…

The concept of homophobia/biphobia/transphobia will be relevant to the research since it will further explain why and how other’s develop these “phobias” and will allow in depth to understand people’s behaviour towards this community. History defines as “the study of past events and past key characters”. The concepts reinforced in this discipline will be the key events that altered the way individuals saw the LGBT community, and key characters who changed the way people perceived the LGBT community. These issues will help to understand the improvement and diminishment with key events and key characters from the past six decades. It is in fact true, North Americans societal attitudes have increased according to researches, that society is more accepting toward the LGBT community. However, only 19% from the LGBT community says there is a lot of social acceptance in our current world. Whereas a lot of the people from this group says they still have been rejected by their family and been called by slurs or jokes. However, the media has been working a lot more into spreading the message of the acceptance and equality amongst this discriminated community. Brands and medias (television shows, movies, reality shows) have been including people from the LGBT community in their work, for example, Disney kids TV shows now show same-sex parents and American Eagle includes gay couples and heterosexual couples in their commercials. This paper

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