Lgbt Rights In America Essay

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The greatest issue facing America today is the ongoing battle for social justice among minority groups such as: African-Americans, the LGBT+ community, and Native Americans who've suffered harsh treatment in the present and past. Since the early colonization of America, these minority groups have continuously fought for their rights because of the oppression that society placed on them. They’ve sought justice through non-violent/violent protests, movements, and laws to spark change among an unfair society that has endlessly persecuted them. However, this injustice doesn’t happen entirely from racism or prejudice but from the majority “refusing to take a stand against the problem causing it to grow further” (Thoreau 326). African-Americans have …show more content…

Like African-Americans, rights for homosexuals, transgender, and others has greatly been debated on since the establishment of religion. People who aren’t straight have been looked down on and scorned by society because of its refusal to accept anything different. The gay stigma in society was so great at one point that many closeted individuals would have sex with a partner of the opposite gender and start a family instead of accepting that they weren't straight. Because of the large number of suicide and murders among the LGBT+, the gay rights movement began in the late ’90s. This movement evolving now into the present has been heavily supported by the Democratic party which has helped to establish same-sex marriage and transgender rights for LGBT+ people (“Democrats”). The Democratic party has become an important ally to them and “continues to push for same-sex equality and fair treatment to stop the discrimination against them” (“Democrats”). However, the LGBT+ community still faces scrutiny because of Republicans and religious leaders who don’t agree with gay rights or same-sex marriage seeing it as going against their beliefs; this makes it essential to keep bringing attention to this issue and establishing laws to protect the LGBT+

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