Liar Temptress Soldier Spy By Karen Abbott Essay

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Liar Temptress Soldier Spy is a novel about four women who go undercover in the Civil War which is written by Karen Abbott. Karen Abbott is an American author who invests her time in composing nonfiction, novels based on American history. Throughout this novel she expresses the impact women had on the Civil war, she brings into view that women were more involved than what we originally assumed. This novel allows us to change our perspective, seeing women in a new light, knowing not only were women solely supplying those who were in the war with clothes, money, food, and medical supplies or simply just awaiting upon their husbands, brothers and or sons return from fighting the war as we had originally presumed were the only roles women had done during the Civil War. Some were so passionate that they put their lives at risk and dressed up as men to fight for their cause, whether it had been for the Confederacy or for the union. Others were spies, gathering information about enemy plans, details about the size of their troops or barricades they might have had. Multiple women used their beauty to their advantage, knowing that men were less intimidated by them and could easily trust them and let their guard down. No one believed women were capable of acts such as these and didn’t expect them to play such a dangerous role in the Civil war they had so often gone undetected in the early stages of the war. Karen Abbott tells the tale of four courageous and passionate women and the

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