Libel and Invasion of Privacy Essay

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Libel and Invasion of Privacy Libel and invasion of privacy are two very important issues dealing with broadcast media. The two are very similar but different from each. Libel deals more with what was actually printed or broadcast, where as invasion of privacy deals with how the information was actually gathered. Both have laws to regulate and influence what kind of information is gathered and, how it is actually obtained.

Libel simply is "defamation of character by published word", the publishing of falsities to hurt a person's reputation or standing. However, now it is not limited to only printed word as in newspapers or magazines. Slander, which is defined as "defamation of character by spoken word" is now portrayed as a form …show more content…

Subsequently, it is much harder for a public figure to prove libel because he or she must prove actual malice, that the medium actually intended to hurt the person with these words. More over, I feel that libel is worse because it is the actual publishing or broadcasting of the information that can hurt a person and once it is published you cant take it back. However because of this, the idea of false light, private facts and libel are very closely connected here.

It's easy to see and understand the ideas of intrusion and appropriation. In fact many media slightly encourage their reporter to dig up dirt by either trespassing or sneaking around to get information, and as well to use a person's picture with out consent. However the two more serious of the privacy laws are very much like that of libel. To fully understand we much focus on these three aspects of the issue. Above all, it is the media's job to publish what is true. It is its job to give the audience news and that of truthful news. The most serious concern with the media is that what they reveal to the audience must be true because as a society we are greatly influenced by what we read, hear, and see through the press. This is why libel is more serious than privacy issues. Publishing false or inaccurate information directly is the biggest, and most devastating thing a journalist or media can do. That is the

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