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By definition defamation is the act of injuring someone’s character or reputation by false statements. Cases of defamation are only considered attacks on if they are made in a vindictive or malicious manner. The person’s name is considered not only personal but proprietary right of reputation. Defamation is synonymous with the words libel and slander in terms of law. Defamation is a term that encompasses both libel and slander. Libel is a term used to describe visual defamation; as in newspaper articles or misleading pictures. Slander describes defamation that you can hear, not see. It is mostly oral statements that tarnish someone’s reputation.
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A legal claim based on defamation entitles the victim to recover aginst the person making the defamatory remarks or their emotional damages. On top of that the victim could be able to sue for punishment dammages. Defamation can be proved on a person’s word alone. It is much more successful to have some sort of evidence like a paper, article, an e-mail, etc. In a defamation case damages do not have to be proven during the testomony. The plaintiff dose not have to testify that they were emotionaly destroyed or had to seek profesional help. The defamatory statement dose not have to be published out side of a company or group of people. Internal attacks can also be concidered defamatory. Each repition of the remark can be concidered a new attack. One of the biggest problems in proving defamation is that in some cases a person may have privlage to make the remarks. During a judicial proceding absolute privlage is given. Even if the remark is false the it can not be concidered slanderous in that setting. The defamer can make intentionaly untrue statements free of legal reprehension. A person with even a limited privlage such as an employer may still lose their privlage if the statement is made with malicious intent and reckless disregard.
Due to the impact defamation has on certain groups of people the Anti-Defamation Leauge (ADL) has been established. It is an American organization set up to fight

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