Liberty And Justice For All

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Liberty and Justice for All “One nation, Under God, Indivisible with liberty and justice for all”. For many of us, this line from the Pledge of Allegiance is ingrained into our memory. The most common place in which this pledge is recited is at schools. It is said casually before the morning announcements, school assemblies and graduations, just to list a few. I find it ironic that this pledge is declared by students all over the nation due to the fact that it is a lie. The United States of America has yet to deliver “liberty and justice for all” persons. The White supremacist nation which was built to protect and defend whiteness would crumble if this promise was actually taken seriously. This notion of whiteness is engrained in all…show more content…
In both movies, Bring It On and Freedom Writers, minorities have to constantly prove their worth. In Bring It On, it is conveyed because the entire purpose of this movie is for the black cheerleading team, The East Compton Clovers, to prove that they can compete with the white, six-time national winning, cheering squad the Toros. This would seem like a fair task except that the Toros stole their cheers from the Clovers because their old captain, Big Red, knew that the Clovers could not afford to go to playoffs. The East Compton Clovers are a disenfranchised team that is located in an urban neighborhood which is under resourced. In contest, the Toro team attends Rancho Carne High School in San Diego, this school is well funded and highly resourced. Therefore, it seems like an impossible task for the Clovers to compete with the Toros under these conditions but it is what is expected out of them. This means that if both teams competed and the Clovers loss, their lost would be because they weren’t “talented” not because they were stolen from and lacked resources. This is the same mentality used in schools. For example, when applying to college all applicants are looked at the same scale as if they were all equally resourced, supported, protected etc. But this is not fair because minority students, in particular, are traditionally under resourced but are still expected to thrive at the same rate as a person who was actually prepared. So a black minorities have to work
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